Rodrigo Seoane

Strategic Design Consultant

Plaza Santa Madrona 6, 4 - 3
Barcelona, Spain

P: +34 603 537 370
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Hi, I’m Rodrigo Seoane. I'm a creative designer and social entrepreneur working with purpose-driven organizations to make their businesses sustainable and promote positive change through a better communication with customers.

I collaborate with a variety of companies, from large international corporations to small start-ups. This allows me to understand how to help SMEs establish a remarkable visual identity and in collaborating with multinationals using UX to strengthen their brand image.

Today I have opportunities to work with great projects, game changers and social businesses developing solutions for a better future for everybody. My process has been based on working remotely. This allows me to work on innovative projects from anywhere around the world, in the most efficient and consistent way possible.

Check out my Productized Consulting Service - Design on Demand analysis of how your platform communicates with it's customer - UI Score.

Let's maximize your impact


Enhance customer relationship and convert your user interface into revenue.

Driving business forward by designing digital products that put people first and seduce the customer.

Business Strategy

Transforming businesses into connected brands with an outstanding & unique design.

Understanding the needs of your users to create successful products and services that are meaningful.

Go Social

Discover the advantages to enter in a rewarding market.

The Social Business Applications Market will increase by over 2.5x in size between 2014 and 2019, according a new market sizing and forecasting service from 451 Research.

Help your business to achieve your goals

89% of maturing social business say social positively affects business outcomes.

However, the term failure is not exclusive to the for‐profit sector. In the field of social entrepreneurship failure occurs just as often. In a recent research, Gartner estimates that 80% of social businesses initiatives will deliver disappointing results over the next three years.

Design user-centered products & services with high visual impact is a smart decision to apply into socially-driven business. Usability increases customer satisfaction and productivity, earning customers trust and loyalty.

A better user-interface (UI) results in tangible cost savings and profitability. And because UI development is part of a product’s development cost anyway, it pays to do it right.

Social Business Has the Potential to be Transformative
but WE'RE NOT A great MATCH IF:


You’re looking for a commodity designer to stamp out screen layouts according to a checklist. I want to help you build the best solution possible, through open discussions and trust from both parties.


You believe that it’s possible to disrupt the industry by great design only. We all know that stellar projects need to be perfectly designed, brilliantly developed, smartly managed and even better marketed.


You’re looking for the lowest rate or your project scope is very small. Then it’s probably not a good fit for high-touch consulting services.

Some of our clients...

Corcovado Group
TCO International
Bart's Bakery BCN
Proto Pixel
Cat Informatica
Smartcity Lab


Good navigation and Website design make it easier for users to find what they’re looking for and to buy it once they’ve found it.

Discover what you can improve concerning your digital product.


Barcelona Office

Plaza Santa Madrona 6, 4 - 3
Barcelona, ESP | 08004
P: (+34) 603 537 370

Rio de Janeiro Office

Rua Mario Portela, 161
Laranjeiras, RJ | 22240-130
P: +55 (21) 2265 0178

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