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Does your product match your aspirations as a service that solves users problems?

I’m a Product Designer helping companies to improve the experience of their services to users and unlocking potential revenue for businesses.

For the past ten years I’ve been acting as a consultant working with or within companies. My key responsibilities were cooperating with cross functional teams to craft high-level visions and design for products and services.

Either working with PMs and stakeholders to understand business and customer needs or collaborating with engineers in the creation of the outcomes with our products and services. 

The High cost of not investing in UX Research and Design

It’s a common scenario when ux research isn’t consistently integrated into the product development process. This oversight often leads to a slew of issues, including poor user engagement, decreased conversion rates, and overall dissatisfaction.

You might be finding yourself trapped spending too much time and effort building new features that nobody wants, and feeling deeply frustrated. Frustrated because despite the efforts to attract new users it is not translated into more revenue for the business, and because you know ​​the product can help customers but the system is not user friendly enough and you don’t know how to improve their journey.

If these issues resonate with your product's challenges, a designer with product focus is a great idea to help drive success and achieve a competitive edge. Let's explore how my design services aligns with your needs and how it can pave the way for enhanced user experiences and business outcomes.
Together we can turn insights into impactful actions.

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What I bring to the table

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Elevate Customer Engagement

By understanding the needs, desires, and pain points of your target audience, we create intuitive and seamless user experiences that captivate and delight.

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Foster Brand Loyalty

Optimize every touchpoint, from your website and mobile app to your online platforms, ensuring consistency and a cohesive brand experience.

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Drive ROI Results

By investing in UX early and prioritizing user satisfaction, you can save costs, enhance collaboration, and achieve better business outcomes.

Our approach is made of

Discovery call

Understand the challenges and pain points experienced by your business to deliver a great experience to users. 

Book a Discovery Call

Strategy Session

Craft a strategy and roadmap of jobs to be done aligned with your business goals and customers needs.

Design Execution

Ongoing performance of the design roadmap defined in the strategy session including the necessary reviews.

Delivery & Recommendations

Receive a report including the deliverables and recommendations to keep improving your product.

How we can work together

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Uxpert Analysis

Uncover hidden opportunities with a comprehensive UX Audit.
We analyze your current user experience, pinpoint areas for improvement, and provide actionable insights to boost retention and satisfaction.

Duration: 1-2 Weeks

Starter Plan

Uxpert Analysis

Special for Startups and small businesses needing quick UX wins.

What will you get:

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Heuristic evaluation

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Top 5 actionable recommendations

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UX Checklist

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Usability Testing with Video Feedback

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Accessibility Review

Explore Packages
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Design on Demand

Ensure continuous UX excellence with our flexible Design Subscription. Your personal designer to get things done. We provide UI/UX, branding, marketing, and sales design with a simple flat fee month-to-month model. Pause or cancel anytime.

Duration: Ongoing

Starter Plan

Design on Demand

15 Days Money back guarantee.

What will you get:

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Unlimited requests

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Top Quality UI Execution

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Fast turnaround time

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Professional Communication

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Clear Documentation

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Cancel Anytime

Launching Soon

What can you expect

Revitalize your user experience with our
Design Services.

When it comes to UX research, many business owners and managers still want to invest the precious project time in production stages rather than thinking and researching ideas. However, this puts the project in the trap of unpredictable outcomes in terms of the user experience which may have a negative impact on the final product or service delivery.

In today's fast-paced digital landscape, an experienced designer with product focus can get you that competitive edge. Our services will bring a wealth of benefits to businesses seeking to enhance their customer relationships and accelerate digital transformation.

Enhance user engagement

Identify and rectify usability barriers that may be causing frustration or confusion for your users.

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Support costs

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Increased User Engagement

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Competitive Edge

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Case Studies

Optimise Case Cover

Design on Demand

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Qualitative Research

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Competitor Analysis

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UI Design

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Atlas Optimise®

Resource Managent SaaS

The end-end design process for Optimise®. A resource management tool that streamlined the allocation of resources through a iBPMN service, resulting in improved efficiency and output.

Our process facilitate the knowledge coming from users and stakeholders to be translated into insights and recommendations that fed a service which clients actually want to use.

View Full Case Study
DiBlasi Case Cover

UXpert Analysis

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Product Strategy

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User Personas Definition

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Sales Funnel Review

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Landing Page Recommendations

Di Blasi Pizzas

Franchise Expansion

Facing the challenge of expanding beyond its established market, the Di Blasi Franchise partnered with us for a UX Audit aimed at refining their digital strategy. Our comprehensive review focused on enhancing the user experience to support franchise sales growth and operational scalability.

Through a collaborative workshop, we identified key improvements for their digital presence, leading to a strategic overhaul of their landing page designed to capture more qualified leads and streamline user journeys.

View Full Case Study
BennitAI Case Cover
Bennit AI Marketplace
B2B SaaS
Shasta Case Cover
Shasta Mobile App
Mobile App
Boundaryless Case Cover
Boundaryless White Paper
Style Me Pretty Case Cover
Style Me Pretty App
B2B SaaS
View Full Portfolio
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Happy customers reviews

Javi Velasco
Lendi App
Javi Velasco
Rating Star iconRating Star iconRating Star iconRating Star iconRating Star icon
It was a pleasure to work with Rodrigo, I really like his design style and he has a lot of knowledge of digital platforms.

You can tell he has a lot of design experience and uses tools that make collaboration and feedback easy.
Ralph Edwards
Style me pretty
Ralph Edwards
Rating Star iconRating Star iconRating Star iconRating Star iconRating Star icon
Working with Rodrigo was a game-changer for our website. His user-centric design approach increased our conversion rates by 35% within three months.

Our online presence is now more engaging and effective than ever before.
Stina Heikkila
Stina Heikkila
Rating Star iconRating Star iconRating Star iconRating Star iconRating Star icon
Rodrigo is a great designer to work with, with an excellent ability to translate very complex ideas and concepts into compelling visuals and user stories.

He is always ready to collaborate until the last mile of the birth, responding to new needs and changes, always keeping a good sense of humor and a smile in the process.
Cody Fisher
Cody Fisher
Rating Star iconRating Star iconRating Star iconRating Star iconRating Star icon
Rodrigo's UX Audit was eye-opening. He identified several key areas we were overlooking and provided actionable insights that improved our user retention by 40%.

Our customers are happier and more engaged, all thanks to his expertise.
Aurelie Salvaire
Aurelie Salvaire
Rating Star iconRating Star iconRating Star iconRating Star iconRating Star icon
Rodrigo was undoubtedly an exceptional help in designing all the graphic material for TEDx BarcelonaED and TEDx BarcelonaWomen where the level of reactivity and demand was very high.
Kathryn Murphy
Kathryn Murphy
Rating Star iconRating Star iconRating Star iconRating Star iconRating Star icon
Having Rodrigo on a design subscription has been invaluable. His ongoing support and regular updates keep our product fresh and competitive.

The continuous improvements have led to a significant uptick in user satisfaction and loyalty.
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Ready to transform your 
User Experience?

We understand the tightrope you walk between innovation and usability. It's time to shift the balance back in your favor. Let's talk about how we can realign your product with your users' needs and start turning those challenges into triumphs.

Book a 20-minute call with me. We'll discuss your current situation and explore whether our approach could be the key to enhancing your product's user experience.

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