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Maximize user engagement, optimize conversions, and elevate your brand experience.

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Understanding the hurdles from
the inside out.

The journey from a great idea to a successful product is rarely straightforward, especially in the competitive realms of SaaS and mobile applications. If your product is seeing a high user drop-off, it’s a clear sign that something isn’t clicking. Often, the root cause isn't just the features you offer but how accessible and engaging the user experience is. Many product leaders face these challenges—juggling the drive for new features with the necessity for an intuitive user experience.

No matter in which industry you belong, time is often an asset in short supply and teams are recurrently requested to ship products and features on tight deadlines. This approach, while pragmatic in the short term, leads to the accumulation of UX debt—an array of overlooked user experience issues that become barriers for users, detracting from the usability of the product and potentially causing them to abandon not just the purchase but the brand itself.

Our UXpert Analysis is designed to diagnose these pain points, transforming how users interact with your product, thus ensuring they not only stay longer but also convert into paying customers.

Navigating the complexities of SaaS and mobile app development requires more than just adding new features—it demands a deep understanding of user behavior and systemic challenges.

By meticulously analyzing your app’s interaction design and user engagement strategies, our UXpert Analysis provides you with a clear roadmap for meaningful enhancements.

Streamlined User Journey

Understand the pain points experienced by your users, enabling you to address them directly.

Prioritized Actionable Insights

Prioritize the identified root causes based on their impact and severity, allowing you to focus on the most critical issues first.

Clarity on User Experience Flaws

A UX Audit pinpoints the disconnects in user experience that lead to high churn rates, providing a foundation for targeted improvements.

Enhanced User Retention Strategy

Prioritize the identified root causes based on their impact and severity, allowing you to focus on the most critical issues first.

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How we help your business succeed

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Understand challenges

Understand the challenges and pain points experienced by your business to deliver a great experience to users.

Receive Report

We will work to craft a report aligned with your business goals and customers needs.

Implement right away

Receive a report including design changes and recommendations into your key screens.

What will you learn?

Revitalize your user experience with our
UXpert Analysis.

Enhance user engagement

Identify and rectify usability barriers that may be causing frustration or confusion for your users.

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Support costs

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Actionable Recommendations

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Competitive Edge

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Flexible pricing plans for your needs

Duration: 1-2 Weeks

Product Page Precision

Special for: E-commerce businesses and online retailers focused on maximizing product and landing page effectiveness.

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Services Included:

Heuristic Evaluation of Product Pages

Top 5 actionable recommendations

Content Alignment Assessment


Executive summary report

CRO Recommendations

Visual and Content Improvement Guide

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Duration: 3-4 Weeks

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Onboarding Optimizer

Special for: SaaS providers and apps looking to improve user first impressions and long-term retention.

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Services Included:

Evaluation of Onboarding Sequences

Usability Testing with User Feedback

Engagement and Retention Rate Analysis


Onboarding Experience Audit Report

Actionable Insights for Enhancing User Onboarding

User Engagement and Retention Strategy

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Duration: 2-3 Weeks

Checkout Champion

Special for: E-commerce businesses and online retailers focused on maximizing product and landing page effectiveness. This package zeroes in on your product pages, crucial for the initial user engagement and conversion.

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Services Included:

Checkout Process Heuristic Evaluation

Top 5 actionable recommendations

Payment and Navigation Optimization Review


Comprehensive Checkout Audit Report

Prioritized Recommendations for Checkout Optimization

Detailed Navigation and Payment Improvement Plan

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Happy customers reviews

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Javi Velasco
It was a pleasure to work with Rodrigo, I really like his design style and he has a lot of knowledge of digital platforms.

You can tell he has a lot of design experience and uses tools that make collaboration and feedback easy.
Style me pretty
Ralph Edwards
Working with Rodrigo was a game-changer for our website. His user-centric design approach increased our conversion rates by 35% within three months.

Our online presence is now more engaging and effective than ever before.
Stina Heikkila
Rodrigo is a great designer to work with, with an excellent ability to translate very complex ideas and concepts into compelling visuals and user stories.

He is always ready to collaborate until the last mile of the birth, responding to new needs and changes, always keeping a good sense of humor and a smile in the process.
Cody Fisher
Rodrigo's UX Audit was eye-opening. He identified several key areas we were overlooking and provided actionable insights that improved our user retention by 40%.

Our customers are happier and more engaged, all thanks to his expertise.
Aurelie Salvaire
Rodrigo was undoubtedly an exceptional help in designing all the graphic material for TEDx BarcelonaED and TEDx BarcelonaWomen where the level of reactivity and demand was very high.
Kathryn Murphy
Having Rodrigo on a design subscription has been invaluable. His ongoing support and regular updates keep our product fresh and competitive.

The continuous improvements have led to a significant uptick in user satisfaction and loyalty.

Is this service for me?

Our expert analysis delves deep into your digital experience, providing invaluable insights to help your team navigate the path to recovery, but it will suit better your business if:

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You’re SaaS, ecomms, sales or a web app that needs direction.
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You want to uncover key UX issues and act on now them now.
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You have high expectations for design and quality.
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Your business is generating a solid revenue stream.
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You’re open to constructive criticism and willing to listen.
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You’re happy to make changes and do what it takes to get results.

Ask anaything about our service

What is a UX Audit?

A UX Audit is an expert assessment aimed at identifying usability challenges and opportunities within digital products. It integrates both qualitative and quantitative research, including data analysis, user interviews, and heuristic evaluations, to offer actionable insights and drive product improvements.

What are the benefits of a UX Audit?

A UX Audit can significantly enhance your product's market competitiveness. It can lead to better user engagement, higher conversion rates, and increased retention by removing friction points in the user experience. These improvements can directly boost revenue and contribute positively to your company's profitability.

What does a UX Audit deliver?

Depending on your specific goals, deliverables may include User Interview Reports, User Flow Analysis, Screen Markups, Heuristic Evaluations, and Product Roadmap Recommendations. The aim is to provide you with a comprehensive overview and actionable steps.

What is the timeline for a UX Audit?

Our standard UX Audit process is completed within 2-4 weeks. For a more extensive data collection and analysis, we offer tailored solutions to suit your timeline.

How does a UX Audit align with our existing product roadmap?

Our approach begins with Stakeholder Interviews to understand your existing plans. The UX Audit is designed to measure how well your current roadmap aligns with your product goals and offers steps to achieve them more efficiently, potentially refining your roadmap with a user-centered focus.

Is a UX Audit beneficial for startups?

Our standard UX Audit process is completed within 4 weeks. For a more extensive data collection and analysis, we offer tailored solutions to suit your timeline.

How frequently should a UX Audit be conducted?

For startups, an annual UX Audit is typically sufficient. However, enterprise companies may benefit from quarterly audits to maintain engagement, reduce churn, and focus on innovation rather than fixing usability issues.

An UX Audit can help our SEO and online presence?

While the primary focus of a UX Audit is to enhance user experience, improvements in UX often correlate with better SEO performance. By making your site more user-friendly, you may also see improvements in search rankings and online visibility.

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